Sunday, August 23, 2009

My new job

Ok so I moved to Boise because Rexburg doesn't offer jobs that can keep financially secure. I was running out of money so I took a break from school and left to go to a city that actually offers jobs.

So I work for a place called "A New Leaf." It's a special program that gives therapy to children and sometimes adults who are developmentally challenged.

I work with an autistic boy, so I am considered a therapist. Finally! Lol j/k

He is incredibly cute. When I first met him, he was sitting at a table with a lost look on his face and I had to stop myself from tearing up because he was so adorable. I instantly loved him and knew I would love working with him.

I was incredibly nervous though. There are certain objectives that the center requires me to complete each day, such as tying his shoes, and blowing his nose, to more complex things such as how to deal emotionally with certain situations. I started my first real day on friday and we first played a game of "sorry" and then we did some exercises and went to the library. I thought I was somewhat successful as I completed 7 out of the 10 required objectives. Some are impossible to complete like blowing his nose... because he didn't have a runny nose that day.

So this week I have my full week with him. Hopefully it goes well.

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