Friday, July 18, 2008

So this is me

I figure my first post should be a little introduction.

Well, I was born in Mesa AZ, in May of 1984. Yeah that seems like quite a while ago... So after living there for about 3 years or so we moved to Colorado Springs, CO, to live with my mom's family while my dad took an internship in TX. We were in CO for only about 8 months and then we went to live with my dad again in Austin, TX. There my sister was born. I'm not sure how long we were in Austin, but right after that we moved to The Colony, TX, and I've been there ever since. Now considering that I myself moved around and lived in other places, The Colony, is my home..kinda.

I did the whole public education thing, and I don't remember anything of it. I start remembering my life at the point of my mission. I went to Las Vegas, NV. And holy cow that was a blast. Sept 03 to Sept 05. Wow, I'm coming up on 3 years being home, and still not married! Lol. That's ok, it fits in with my life goal. I'll get into that later.

Since being back from my mission, I've been to college and just been working. Not really sure what I am going to do with my life. Been in a few relationships, almost got married twice, and been to BYU-I. I'm still attending BYU-I. It's about the only thing going in the right direction in my life.

I have to say I'm an odd kid. I think differently than most people I know, I like different things that most. And I'm fine with that. I wasn't always because I always wanted to fit in. I've learned that fitting in is not important at all. Mostly I'm an organised mess.

So as of late, I work at a warehouse. Professional Image. The people I work for are members of my church so that's awesome! I am, well I suppose, I'm the warehouse manager. I take the calls for orders, get them ready and help UPS or FedEx ship them out. We sell wide format paper rolls and lamination to places like Kinko's and OfficeMax. It's pretty cool. Most of the time I just sit in my office and play on the computer. I get to wear shorts to work as well!

So my life has been pretty bland. I've never rebelled against anything. Never drank, smoked, done drugs, anything. Sure I have my problems, but I've never cause anyone else problems. I'm a quite kid. So I decided this needed to change. I got a bit more active in my singles branch and started to make myself a little bit more known. And come to find out I'm a lot of fun! So I took a couple girls out on dates and that was fun, but haven't been in any worth while relationships.

But that's all fizzled out and I think it's time to focus on school once again. I really want to get back up to BYU-I, finish my bachelors degree in Psychology (I'm a junior right now) and then move to Japan and teach English over there. Hopefully this can be accomplished in 2 years.

I know that's a dramatic life goal, and I'll probably be deterred because somethings might come up, like the impossibility to move to Japan, or I might get married...Ugh.

So that's the 15 min nutshell of me.